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Surat Aş-Şāffāt (Those who set the Ranks) - سورة الصافات

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Muhsin Khan
: Verily! They were two of Our believing slaves.
Muhsin Khan
: And verily, Iliyas (Elias) was one of the Messengers.
Muhsin Khan
: When he said to his people: "Will you not fear Allah?
Muhsin Khan
: "Will you call upon Ba'l (a well- known idol of his nation whom they used to worship) and forsake the Best of creators,
Muhsin Khan
: "Allah, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?"
Muhsin Khan
: But they denied him [Iliyas (Elias)], so they will certainly be brought forth (to the punishment),
Muhsin Khan
: Except the chosen slaves of Allah.