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Surat Aş-Şāffāt (Those who set the Ranks) - سورة الصافات

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Muhsin Khan
: Then bring your Book if you are truthful!
Muhsin Khan
: And they have invented a kinship between Him and the jinns, but the jinns know well that they have indeed to appear (before Him) (i.e. they will be brought for accounts).
Muhsin Khan
: Glorified is Allah! (He is Free) from what they attribute unto Him!
Muhsin Khan
: Except the slaves of Allah, whom He choses (for His Mercy i.e. true believers of Islamic Monotheism who do not attribute false things unto Allah).
Muhsin Khan
: So, verily you (pagans) and those whom you worship (idols).
Muhsin Khan
: Cannot lead astray [turn away from Him (Allah) anyone of the believers],
Muhsin Khan
: Except those who are predestined to burn in Hell!