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Surat Al-'Insān (The Man) - سورة الانسان

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Muhsin Khan
: Has there not been over man a period of time, when he was nothing to be mentioned?
Muhsin Khan
: Verily, We have created man from Nutfah drops of mixed semen (discharge of man and woman), in order to try him, so We made him hearer, seer.
Muhsin Khan
: Verily, We showed him the way, whether he be grateful or ungrateful.
Muhsin Khan
: Verily, We have prepared for the disbelievers iron chains, iron collars, and a blazing Fire.
Muhsin Khan
: Verily, the Abrar (pious, who fear Allah and avoid evil), shall drink a cup (of wine) mixed with water from a spring in Paradise called Kafur.
Muhsin Khan
: A spring wherefrom the slaves of Allah will drink, causing it to gush forth abundantly.